Conflict & Economic Performance

Please note: This page refers to an event that has already taken place.

Time: 29 Jun 2004 - 30 Jun 2004
Place: PRIO, Fuglehauggata 11. Oslo

Workshop Program


Tuesday, June 29

10.00 - 11.30: Ragnar Torvik: Institutions and the Resource Curse

(with Halvor Mehlum and Kalle Moene) 

11.30-13.00: Nils Petter Gleditsch: The resource data curse
13.00-14.00: Lunch
14.00-15.30: Stergios Skaperdas: Globalization and domestic conflict

15.30-17.00: Todd Sandler: Too Much of a Good Thing? The Proactive Dilemma (with Matteo Cervellati and  Laurence, Kranich)


Wednesday, June 30

9.00-10.30: Halvor Mehlum and Kalle Moene: So much fighting, so little success

10.30-12.00: Scott Gates:  Modeling the Duration of Civil Wars: Measurement and Estimation Issues

12.00-13.00:  Lunch
13.00-14.30: Kristian Harpviken: Afghanistan 

14.30-16.00: Chris Butler:  Prescription or Prediction: Testing the Robustness of the Nash Bargaining Solution (with Mary J. Bellman, and Oraz A. Kichiyev)


Most likely postponed till next time:

(16.00-17.30: Joan Esteban: The Social Contract with Endogenous Sentiments (with Matteo Cervellati and  Laurence, Kranich)


Postponed till next time: (for various reasons)  

Jim Robinson: Columbia  
Jens Chr. Andvig: Child Soldiers

Halvor Mehlum and Kalle Moene: Afghanistan -- the fight of everybody against all
Clara Ponsati: Mediation