Håvard Strand

Senior Researcher

Håvard Strand
Email: hs@prio.org
Work phone: +47 22 54 77 95
Mobile phone: +47 99 62 83 71

Research Interests

My current research focuses on further development of the UCDP/PRIO Armed Conflict Dataset, the relationship between political institutions and armed conflicts, and the relationship between data structures and statistical estimators.


​​Working experience:

1996-2000: Computer Dept., Faculty of Social Sciences, NTNU
2000-2001: Research Assistant, PRIO
2002-2006: Researcher, PRIO (20% position)
2002-2006: Research Fellow, Dept. of Political Science, UiO
2006-:        Senior Researcher, PRIO


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All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Strand, Håvard; Henrik Urdal; Håvard Hegre; Håvard Mokleiv Nygård & Joakim Karlsen (2013) Predicting Armed Conflict, 2010–2050, International Studies Quarterly 57(2): 250–270.
Hegre, Håvard; Scott Gates; Håvard Strand & Håvard Mokleiv Nygård (2012) Development Consequences of Armed Conflict, World Development 40(9): 1713–1722.
Strand, Håvard; Halvard Buhaug & Andreas Forø Tollefsen (2012) PRIO-GRID: A Unified Spatial Data Structure, Journal of Peace Research 49(2): 363–374.
Strand, Håvard (2011) Deconstructing Civil War: A Rejoinder, Security Dialogue 42(3): 297–302.
Urdal, Henrik; S. Mansoob Murshed; Håvard Strand; Mohammad Zulfan Tadjoeddin & Gudrun Østby (2011) Population Pressure, Horizontal Inequality and Political Violence: A Disaggregated Study of Indonesian Provinces, 1990–2003, Journal of Development Studies 47(3): 377–398.
Hegre, Håvard; Håvard Strand; Scott Gates & Mark P. Jones (2006) Institutional Inconsistency and Political Instability: Polity Duration, 1800-2000, American Journal of Political Science 50(4): 893–908.
Sørli, Mirjam E.; Nils Petter Gleditsch & Håvard Strand (2005) Why Is There So Much Conflict in the Middle East?, Journal of Conflict Resolution 49(1): 141–165.

PhD Thesis

Strand, Håvard (2007) Political Regimes and Civil War Revisited. PhD thesis, Department of Political Science, University of Oslo, Oslo.

Book Chapter

Gleditsch, Nils Petter; Håvard Hegre & Håvard Strand (2009) Democracy and Civil War, in Handbook of War Studies III. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press (155–192).
Strand, Håvard & Scott Gates (2008) Military Intervention, Democratization, and Post-conflict Political Stability, in Resources, Governance and Civil Conflict. Abingdon: (147–162).
Strand, Håvard (2005) Terrorens demokratiparadoks, in Islamistisk Terrorisme. Oslo: (217–238).

Non-refereed Journal Article

Urdal, Henrik; Håvard Strand; Halvard Buhaug; Scott Gates & Håvard Hegre (2009) Nils Petter Gleditsch: A Lifetime Achiever, European Political Science 8(1): 79–89.
Gleditsch, Nils Petter; Mirjam E. Sørli & Håvard Strand (2005) Hva er det med Midtøsten? [What is it about the Middle East], Babylon 3(2): 10–15.

Popular Article

Strand, Håvard (2007) Freden lar vente på seg [Peace Remains in Limbo], Aftenposten, 1 October.
Strand, Håvard & Henrik Urdal (2003) Verden fredeligere–men ikke Afrika [The World More Peaceful–But Not Africa], Dagbladet, 10 September.

Conference Paper

Gates, Scott; Håvard Mokleiv Nygård; Håvard Hegre & Håvard Strand (2010) Arab Exceptionalism -- How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Trust my Secret PoliceFort Worth, TX, 21–23 Oct.
Gates, Scott; Lars Seland Gomsrud & Håvard Strand (2009) Surviving the Capitalist Peace: Leaders' Incentives and Economic FreedomPotsdam, Germany, 10 September.
Hegre, Håvard; Henrik Urdal & Håvard Strand (2008) The Future of Armed Conflict: Predicting the Incidence of Conflict, 2007-2030San Francisco, CA, 26–29 March.
Urdal, Henrik & Håvard Strand (2008) Youth Bulges, Democratic Elections, and Political InstabilitySan Francisco, CA, 26–29 March.
Strand, Håvard; Mark P. Jones; Håvard Hegre & Scott Gates (2007) Democratic Waves? War, New States, and Global Patterns of Democratization, 1800 –2000, presented at Statsvitenskaplig Fagkonferanse, Trondheim, 3–5 March.
Hegre, Håvard; Nils Petter Gleditsch & Håvard Strand (2007) Democracy and Civil War, presented at Statsvitenskaplig Fagkonferanse, Trondheim, 3–5 January.
Urdal, Henrik & Håvard Strand (2005) Differential Growth, Political Instability and Violent Conflict, presented at the 46th Annual Convention of the International Studies Association, Honolulu, HI, 1–5 March.
Gates, Scott & Håvard Strand (2004) Modeling the Duration of Civil Wars: Measurement and Estimation Issues, presented at Meeting of the Standing Group on International Relations, the Hauge, 9–11 September.
Jones, Mark; Scott Gates & Håvard Strand (2004) The Escalation Process from Political Instability to War, presented at the 45th Annual Convention of the International Studies Association, Montreal, 17–20 March.
Strand, Håvard & Scott Gates (2004) Military Intervention, Democratization, and Post-conflict Political Stability, presented at the 45th Annual Convention of the International Studies Association, Montreal, 17–20 March.

PRIO Policy Brief

Strøm, Kaare; Scott Gates & Håvard Strand (2010) Peace and Democracy – Can We Have Both?, CSCW Policy Brief, 3. Oslo: PRIO.
Strand, Håvard & Scott Gates (2008) Lessons Learned from Power-sharing in Africa, CSCW Policy Brief, 8. Oslo: PRIO.

PRIO Paper

Strand, Håvard; Halvard Buhaug & Håvard Hegre (2010) Sensitivity Analysis of Climate Variability and Civil War, PRIO Paper. Oslo: PRIO.

Report - Other

Gates, Scott; Halvard Buhaug; Håvard Hegre; & Håvard Strand (2007) Global Trends in Armed Conflict, Globale Norge - hva nå?. Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Report - External Series

Gates, Scott; Håvard Hegre; Marianne Dahl; & Håvard Strand (2012) Why Waves? Global Patterns of Democratization, Working paper. .
Strand, Håvard; & Marianne Dahl (2011) Defining Conflict-Affected Countries, Background Paper prepared for the Education for All Global Monitoring Report 2011. Paris: UNESCO.
Nygård, Håvard Mokleiv; Håvard Strand; Scott Gates; & Håvard Hegre (2010) Consequences of Civil War, Background paper for World Development Report 2011. .