Helge Holtermann

Senior Researcher and Managing Editor, Journal of Peace Research

Helge Holtermann
Helge Holtermann left PRIO in 2014. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Research Interests

Helge Holtermann is a Senior Researcher and Managing Editor of the Journal of Peace Research. He has a PhD in political science from the University of Oslo. His PhD project focused on the linkages between economic development and the risk of civil war onset, and included cross-national analyses as well as a case study of the Maoist insurgency in Nepal. Current research interests include the causes of internal armed conflicts, mobilization into armed groups, the dynamics of violent and nonviolent contestation, and South Asian politics.  Holtermann's research has appeared  in Conflict Management and Peace ScienceInternational Security, and Journal of Conflict Resolution.



PhD in Political Science, University of Oslo, 2013
MA in Political Science, University of Oslo, 2007
BA in Comparative Politics, University of Bergen, 2005



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All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Holtermann, Helge (2012) Explaining the Development–Civil War Relationship, Conflict Management and Peace Science 29(1): 56–78.
Holtermann, Helge; Halvard Buhaug & Ole Magnus Theisen (2012) Climate Wars? Assessing the Claim that Drought Breeds Conflict, International Security 36(3): 79–106.
Tollefsen, Andreas Forø; Gudrun Østby; Halvard Buhaug; Kristian Skrede Gleditsch & Helge Holtermann (2011) It’s the Local Economy, Stupid! Geographic Wealth Dispersion and Conflict Outbreak Location, Journal of Conflict Resolution 55(5): 814–840.

Book Chapter

Hegre, Håvard & Helge Holtermann (2013) Poverty and Conflict, in Elgar Handbook of Civil War and Fragile States. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing (39–58).

Popular Article

Holtermann, Helge (2010) Splittet sikkerhet [Divided Security], Dagsavisen, 12 January.

Master Thesis

Holtermann, Helge (2008) Poverty and Civil War: An Assessment of Four Prominent Explanations of the Per Capita Income-Civil War Relationship. MA thesis, Political Science, University of Oslo.

Conference Paper

Holtermann, Helge (2011) Exploiting State Weakness: Insurgent Mobilization ‘On the Cheap’ in NepalMontreal, Canada, 16 March.
Buhaug, Halvard; Helge Holtermann & Ole Magnus Theisen (2010) Drought, Political Exclusion, and Civil WarNew Orleans, LA, 17–20 February.
Buhaug, Halvard; Helge Holtermann; Gudrun Østby & Kristian Skrede Gleditsch (2009) Poverty, Inequality, and Conflict: Using Within-Country Variation to Evaluate Competing Hypotheses, presented at 50th Annual Convention of the International Studies Association, New York, NY, 15–18 February.
Østby, Gudrun; Helge Holtermann; Kristian Skrede Gleditsch & Halvard Buhaug (2008) Poverty, Inequality, and Conflict: Using Within-Country Variation to Evaluate Competing HypothesesClaremont, CA, 24 October.
Holtermann, Helge (2008) Poverty and Civil War. An Assessment of Four Prominent Explanations of the Relationship Between Per Capita Income and Civil WarAmsterdam, Netherlands, 2 July.