Karin Dyrstad

Associate Researcher

Karin Dyrstad
Institution: NTNU
Email: karin.dyrstad@ntnu.no
Website: www.ntnu.no
Karin Dyrstad is an External Associate at PRIO.


Karin holds MA and PhD degrees in political science from NTNU. She did her PhD research at PRIO 2008–2012 on a project titled "Prospects for democracy in South-East Europe. Democratic values and political participation in Balkan.”

For more info, see the above person page on ntnu.no or her personal web page.

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Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Dyrstad, Karin (2012) After ethnic civil war: Ethno-nationalism in the Western Balkans, Journal of Peace Research 49(6): 817–831.
Simkus, Albert; Ola Listhaug; Karin Dyrstad; Halvard Buhaug & Kristen Ringdal (2011) Microfoundations of Civil Conflict Reconciliation: Ethnicity and Context, International Interactions 37(4): 363–387.

Conference Paper

Dyrstad, Karin & Helga Malmin Binningsbø (2012) Power sharing and political confidence: Postconflict Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia, presented at Domestic Elites and Opinion, Konstanz, 07 Sep 2012.