Elisabeth Lothe

Master's Student

Elisabeth Lothe
Elisabeth Lothe left PRIO in 2007. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.


Languages spoken:

Norwegian, English, French, Portuguese

Working experience:

2006 Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway
2006 UNDP Action for Cooperation and Trust, Cyprus
2004-05 Embassy of Norway, Canada
2005 Malawi Diffusion and Ideational Change Project and Malawi Religion Project, projects conducted by the University of Pennsylvania and Malawi College of Medicine in Malawi


University of Oslo, MA in Peace and Conflict Studies, 2011
McGill University, BA Political Science and International Development, 2004
L´Institut d'Études Politique de Paris, 2003-04


The following publications are specific to the Centre for the Study of Civil War. A more complete list may be available at www.prio.org.

All Publications

Master Thesis

Lothe, Elisabeth (2007) Ending Ethnic Conflict: Can Institutional Power Contribute to Sustaining Peace in Burundi?. MA thesis, Department of Political Science, Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Oslo, Oslo.