Jostein F. Tellnes

Research assistant

Jostein F. Tellnes left PRIO in 2005. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Research Interests

The peace process in Sudan
Conflict resolution of civil wars
Natural resources and peace settlements


Languages spoken:

English and some German

Working experience:

2003-04 Social worker, Hvalstad mottak for enslige
mindreårige, Asker (part time)
2002 "Environment guard", Hydro Aluminium, Årdal (summer)
1999-01 Teacher at Dyrkolbotn Camping school (part-time)
1999 Instructor and team-leader at The Garnison in Sør-
Varanger (by the Russian border), Kirkenes
1997-98 Substitute teacher at Slemmestad junior high school
(100% post), Røyken


2002-04 Cand. Polit in Political Science (120 ECTS),
University of Oslo
2001-02 Courses in Comparative politics (90 ECTS),
University of Bergen
2000 Course in Occupational- and Organizational
psychology (30 ECTS), University of Bergen
2000 Course in Intercultural understanding – Horn of
Africa (30 ECTS), NLA, Bergen
2000 Course in Methodology of Social Science (15 ECTS),
University of Bergen
1999-00 Courses in Psychology in general (60 ECTS),
University of Bergen
1999 Examen philosophicum (15 ECTS), University of
1998 Commander of Reconciliation forces, The Officer
School of the Infantry in Northern Norway, Harstad
1995-97 International Baccalaureate, Nesbru secondary high
school, Asker


The following publications are specific to the Centre for the Study of Civil War. A more complete list may be available at

All Publications

Master Thesis

Tellnes, Jostein F. (2004) Fair Divisions to the Issue of Oil in Sudan. MA thesis, Supervisors: Bernt Hagtvet & Endre Stiansen, UiO; Scott Gates, PRIO/CSCW (defended on 2 December and received a B).

Conference Paper

Tellnes, Jostein F. (2005) Dealing with Petroleum Issues in Civil War Negotiations: The Case of Sudan, presented at the 13th National Conference in Political Science, Hurdalsjøen, 5–7 January.