Putin and Medvedev Open the Bulgarian Gate for Gazprom

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Baev, Pavel K. (2008) Putin and Medvedev Open the Bulgarian Gate for Gazprom, Eurasia Daily Monitor, 22 January.

A breakthrough was achieved and agreements signed on constructing both the Burgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipelines bypassing the Bosporus and the South Stream gas pipeline across the Black Sea

The brotherly Russian embrace of Bulgaria also invites the question about its relations with Turkey.

The triumphs of gas diplomacy stand in sharp contrast with the series of deadly explosions in communal networks and limitations on gas supply in many regions. Many promises to expand energy supplies and address other urgent social needs have been made on the campaign trail, and the promotion of Medvedev as the new leader has brought the unexpected effect of “secularization” of the supreme power, so it now appears possible to demand delivery on these promises. The going is set to get tough in the energy sector, but the spoiled courtiers and corrupt bureaucrats in the Kremlin are not ready to get going.

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Pavel K. Baev

Pavel K. Baev

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