Water Resources, Institutions, and Intrastate Conflict

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Wooden, Amanda E. & Theodora-Ismene Gizelis (2010) Water Resources, Institutions, and Intrastate Conflict, Political Geography 29(8): 444–453.

Although linkages between water scarcity and conflict have received a great deal of attention, both in qualitative case studies as well as quantitative studies, the relationship remains unclear since the literature has generally not considered the effectiveness of governance. We distinguish between direct effects and indirect effects linking water resource scarcity and conflict by systematically examining how intervening factors, such as political institutions, might influence the impact of water scarcity on the probability of conflict. We find support for our hypotheses postulating both direct and indirect relationships between water scarcity, governance, and conflict.

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Ismene Gizelis

Ismene Gizelis

Associate Researcher