International Dimensions of Civil War - Opening Meeting WG

Please note: This page refers to an event that has already taken place.

Time: Thu, 06 March 2003 09:00
Place: PRIO, Fuglehauggata 11. Oslo


1.   Introduction of the WG Strategy and Action Plan

Group identity as a building process

Introduction of Jeff Checkel


2. Presentation of the portfolio of project

7 projects – specific focus and common aims


3. Discussion of the ‘bouquet of ideas’ on new features, new dynamics, evolving character of civil wars.

 Attempt at brain-storming.

Idea A.

Terrorist links between different civil wars may be seriously overestimated. Globalization makes superficial connections easier, but real networks continue to be centred on particular wars with only marginal contacts. 

Idea B.

European secessionism (a seriously under-researched phenomenon) has lost its violent momentum but has also left so much unresolved business that the present-day weakening of NATO and the EU (due to the combined impact of enlargements and Iraq) could set in motion a new wave of secessionist conflicts.

4. Planning for the near future and beyond