INDSEC Workshop

Please note: This page refers to an event that has already taken place.

Time: Tue 14 (09:00) - Wed 15 (15:30) June 2011
Place: PRIO, Hausmanns gate 7, Oslo

This workshop is part of a joint Norwegian-Indian activity project on water-related security challenges on the Indian subcontinent (INDSEC). INDSEC seeks to inspire high-quality academic research on various aspects of water security by bringing together experts with complementary skills and area competence on perhaps the world’s most challenging region in this context: South Asia. A follow-up workshop is scheduled for Delhi in October. INDSEC is sponsored by the Research Council of Norway’s INDNOR program.

The workshop will take place in Operasjonssentralen in the Red Cross building adjacent to PRIO. This map shows you how to find PRIO


WORKSHOP PROGRAM (Printer friendly version)
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Monday 13 June
Arrival in Oslo; accommodation at Radisson Blu Plaza (
Tuesday 14 June
Venue: Operasjonssentralen, Red Cross building adjacent to PRIO
09:00     Welcome
Presentation of relevant research projects at PRIO:


·         Halvard Buhaug: NORKLIMA project
·         Åshild Kolås: IDSA-PRIO collaboration
·         Kristian Hoelscher: BIPSS-PRIO collaboration

Introductory talk by Ambassador I. P. Khosla on “Hydrodiplomacy in South Asia”


10:00     Session I
Chair: Halvard Buhaug


Tridivesh Maini:                      
From conflict to cooperation: Indo-Pak water issues
Uttam Sinha:                             
Water hegemony, examining China's hydro-behaviour”       
Nils Petter Gleditsch:          
International borders, rivers and conflict revisited


12:00     Lunch
13:00     Session II           
Chair: Uttam Sinha


Sreeradha Datta:                    
Indo-Bangladesh water sharing: dispelling fears and building trust

16:00     End


18:30     Dinner
Dinner Restaurant (    


Wednesday 15 June
Venue: Operasjonssentralen, Red Cross building adjacent to PRIO
09:00     Session III
Chair: Kapil Narula


Rohan D’Souza:                     
From conflict to securitization: The making of another hydraulic paradigm in India
Gerdis Wischnath & Halvard Buhaug:                     
Climate wars redux? On climate variability and armed conflict in Asia"
Rune Slettebak:                    
Does natural disasters trigger communal violence in India? A natural experiment

11:40     Wrap-up
Wrap-up; discussion of future activities. This ends the formal workshop program.

12:00     Lunch


14:00 - 15:30   Afternoon dedicated to Asia seminar at PRIO with presentation by Maini and Khosla as discussant
Dinner TBC


Thursday 16 June
Åshild Kolås                                                                  
Peace Research Institute Oslo, PRIO
Eivind Berg Weibust                                               
Peace Research Institute Oslo, PRIO
Gerdis Wischnath                                                    
Peace Research Institute Oslo, PRIO
Halvard Buhaug                                                         
Peace Research Institute Oslo, PRIO
I.P. Khosla                                                                       
Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses, IDSA
Jason Miklian                                                              
Peace Research Institute Oslo, PRIO
Kristian Hoelscher                                                   
Peace Research Institute Oslo, PRIO
Nils Petter Gleditsch                                              
Peace Research Institute Oslo, PRIO
Rohan D’Souza                                                            
Jawaharlal Nehru University
Rune Slettebak                                                           
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU
Sreeradha Datta                                                        
Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses, IDSA
Tobias Siegfried                                                          
ETH Zurich
Tridivesh Maini                                                           
Observer Research Foundation
Uttam Sinha                                                                  
Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses, IDSA