Ethnic Intolerance, Ethnic Identities and Violence in Contemporary European Societies

Led by Zan Strabac
Jan 2003 – Jan 2007

This doctoral project focus on the relationships between ethnic identities, ethnic intolerance and violence. The dissertation will consist of a set of empirical articles, an introductory piece presenting common themes for the articles and summary and commentary on the results of the empirical analysis. The quantitative analyses will make use of survey data from countries of former Yugoslavia, East European countries and West European countries. Special attention will be devoted to following factors:

  • Impact of religiosity and religious affiliation on ethnic intolerance and ethnic identities
  • Impact of previous experiences of war-related violence on ethnic intolerance
  • Differences in the level of ethnic prejudice between elites and masses

The main thesis advisor is Kristen Ringdal, NTNU. The co-advisor is Ola Listhaug, NTNU.



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